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We're In It Together
The Florida Consortium of Urban League Affiliates, along with Derrick Brooks Charities, manage the state's Black-on-Black and Youth Crime Prevention and Intervention grant programs. In 2012 they have joined the Office of the Attorney General as partners in presenting the Preventing Crime in the Black Community conference. We are truly in it together.
What Others Say
Our youth found the conference to be informative, insightful, soul searching and entertaining. As a community leader I was very pleased with the conference; the workshops, the spiritual enrichment and the ability to network with our community leaders to bring new and exciting programs to our community.
- Tammy Anderson, Executive Director
  JUDOS, Panama City, Florida

Role of the Sponsors

Since the first “Preventing Crime in the Black Community” conference, the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) has solicited cosponsors. The idea has always been to try to keep the fees and costs as low as possible to encourage participation by the community, and to offset some of those costs by cosponsors who contribute financial or in-kind resources to support various conference activities.

Cosponsors can be local, state, or federal government agencies. They can be private not-for-profit organizations such as the Urban League, and the National Crime Prevention Council.

Co sponsors can also be for profit businesses or corporations such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield or Target. Before businesses and corporations can be approved as cosponsors they must be reviewed by the OAG to ensure that they are appropriate sponsors and that the OAG is not engaged in active Litigation with them.