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We're In It Together
The Florida Consortium of Urban League Affiliates, along with Derrick Brooks Charities, manage the state's Black-on-Black and Youth Crime Prevention and Intervention grant programs. In 2012 they have joined the Office of the Attorney General as partners in presenting the Preventing Crime in the Black Community conference. We are truly in it together.
What Others Say
I appreciate the information on gangs and how to start a Coalition. I will use it to make changes in our plans.
- Community Leader
  Lakeland, Florida

How to Become a Sponsor

Office of the Attorney General (OAG) conference staff researches possible cosponsors and submits a list of potential sponsors to the Criminal Justice Programs (CJP), Bureau Chief. Each year in August the Attorney General sends a letter to all approved candidates and invites them to participate as a sponsor of the conference for the coming year. Agencies and organizations are also encouraged to contact the OAG.

Requirements and Benefits of cosponsors is outlined in the document entitled, "Cosponsoring Agency’s Requirements and Benefits," which is attached. In addition to the items in the requirements and benefits document, the OAG is open to other appropriate ideas and suggestions for cosponsorship. These are negotiated on a case by case basis with final approval by the CJP Bureau Chief, and the Director of Victim Services and Criminal Justice Programs.

Cosponsors are asked to designate a "point of contact" who works with the OAG conference staff on a Cosponsor Committee to coordinate the role and involvement of each cosponsor.

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